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Many of my clients travel out of the country on a regular basis. For those of you who do not, it might be a scary thing to venture out of your “Comfort Zone”. I have gathered a few ideas of things you can do before embarking on your great vacation:

  • Enroll In the United States STEP Program. Which can be found at
  • Give a Family Member a Copy of Your Itinerary
  • Notify Your Bank, Credit Card Company, and Cell Phone Company of Your Trip and Where you Plan to Visit
  • Check for travel warnings or advisories

While you are visiting a foreign country follow these tips to help you stay safe:

Tip# 1: Don’t Let Them Distract You
If  anyone ever come up to you begging or holding out a piece of paper/cardboard in front of them, push it away immediately and secure your belongings.

Tip# 2: Secure Your Cash & Credit Cards
Keep a note of your credit card numbers and the telephone numbers needed to cancel them. 

Tip# 3: Stay Alert and Blend In
If you’re new to a city and haven’t quite got the measure of the different neighborhoods, then keep your wits about you as you’re walking around.

Tip# 4: Always Know Your Escape Route
As you’re walking around unfamiliar areas, especially in the dark, take note of specific landmarks, buildings and amenities.

Tip# 5: Trust Your Gut
If you ever *feel* threatened, but not quite sure why, follow your instincts and get out of the situation as quickly as possible. We have instincts for a reason…   Trust them.

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