Plus 5 Program

                     The Plus 5 program is an easy way to help out
your local community.

When you book with Hanson Travel Ideas you

can say "Give me the Plus Five" and we will add
$5.00 to your reservation total and donate it
to a school of your choice from the ones listed
(you can always donate more if you would like) 

It's that easy! 

Your donations dollars can go to help the following schools:

​ Monache Marauder's
 Marching Band & Colorguard

This band is going to be taking a East
Coast Tour July 2019

 They will be performing at The WWII
 Memorial, Arlington Cemetery and featured 
 in a 4th of July Parade.

Harmony Magnet Academy Symphony
Orchestra, SHS Spartan Choir

This band is going to be taking a
Hawaii Tour March 2019

                                             They will be performing at Pearl Harbor,

Ala Moana Centerstage and will be taking a
workshop at Hawaii Pacific University.

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